Foot party fees explained

I recently had someone post this comment to one of my promotional posts:

“with those fees ,,someone is getting walked all over on …”

This was my response:

Those fees…. you mean the door fee which covers: a space to have the party, food, drinks, cups/plates/napkins/silverware, cushions and other items to make the session spaces comfy, curtains for privacy, cleaning supplies for the ladies to clean their feet between sessions, not to mention all the time involved in setting up and cleaning up after plus promoting the parties. Smaller foot parties are not raking in a ton of cash for the hostesses, but it is nice if we can get food and drinks covered at least. And session fees for the girls helps make sure they have good pedicures and can keep an expanding selection of fabulous shoes for the guys to enjoy.

So if you don’t want to go to a party, then don’t. But unless you feel like covering the expenses of hosting an event, please be so kind as to refrain from the snarky comments. Most of the other events in this group all have door fees or requested donations, after all.

–this was a post I did on, March 2014

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